Monday, April 12, 2004

Ex-Officers return? 

From Debka:

US Generals Abizaid and Sanchez announce major policy turnaround: former Saddam officers are being recalled, part of reassessment to improve leadership and performance of Iraqi army and police. Two extra US brigades with combat and rapid response capabilities requested for Iraq. Read more on generals’ joint briefing in Baghdad in News Box below Headlines

Unconfirmed reports that police stations and public buildings handed over to Iraqi police in Najef, Karbala and al-Kuf in deal with Moqtada Sadr. His Mehdi Army militiamen still visible at Najef’s shrines

The rehiring of some of Saddam's experienced officers sounds like it's something that has to be done. A good idea? That may be a different story. I'm assuming/hoping that these aren't the same officers who've used chemical weapons and otherwise have a lot of blood on their hands. The new Iraqi police's poor showing during this current outbreak of violence shows that they are unwilling to lead or even, take up armagainstnt other Iraqis, under orders from the U.S. led coalition. That's where the ex. Officers come into play. These guys are used to giving orders and havintheirer soldiers follow them. We need Iraqis to run Iraq, not us. If the police can't do their jobs, it'll lead to the death of more U.S. and allied soldiers.

We all know at this point, that disbanding the Iraqi military was a bad idea-it forced too many men of fighting age to be unemployed. Now, let's get as many of these guys jobs as we can.


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