Friday, December 23, 2005


Unbelievably good movie. I highly recommend seeing it. I sense many Oscars-Bana should be getting a nod.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Q: Why does Michael Jackson like twenty-seven year olds?

A: Because there's twenty of them.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Here we go again:
LONDON — Syria has signed a pledge to store Iranian nuclear weapons and missiles.

The London-based Jane's Defence Weekly reported that Iran and Syria signed a strategic accord meant to protect either country from international pressure regarding their weapons programs. The magazine, citing diplomatic sources, said Syria agreed to store Iranian materials and weapons should Teheran come under United Nations sanctions.

Iran also pledged to grant haven to any Syrian intelligence officer indicted by the UN or Lebanon. Five Syrian officers have been questioned by the UN regarding the Hariri assassination, Middle East Newsline reported.
"The sensitive chapter in the accord includes Syria's commitment to allow Iran to safely store weapons, sensitive equipment or even hazardous materials on Syrian soil should Iran need such help in a time of crisis," Jane's said

Iraq did too!
Saddam Hussein moved his chemical weapons to Syria six weeks before the war started, Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom says.

At this point, Syria must be the most armed country in the world.


Planet of the Apes 

Here's one way to build up your army after a war: half-man, half-ape superwarriors!
THE Soviet dictator Josef Stalin ordered the creation of Planet of the Apes-style warriors by crossing humans with apes, according to recently uncovered secret documents.

Moscow archives show that in the mid-1920s Russia's top animal breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, was ordered to turn his skills from horse and animal work to the quest for a super-warrior.

According to Moscow newspapers, Stalin told the scientist: "I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat."

In 1926 the Politburo in Moscow passed the request to the Academy of Science with the order to build a "living war machine". The order came at a time when the Soviet Union was embarked on a crusade to turn the world upside down, with social engineering seen as a partner to industrialisation: new cities, architecture, and a new egalitarian society were being created.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Good Question 

If the President's legal advisers will award him the power to do whatever he thinks the national security demands, then why does it matter whether the Patriot Act is renewed or not? And as long as the President insists on taking any Congressional grant of power as a grant of unlimited power, why should the Congress grant him anything at all?


The Chappelle Theory 

Was he silenced by a "Black Mafia", which featured Oprah, Cosby, Farrakhan, Sharpton? The link is somewhat compelling, due to the weird turn of events regarding Chappelle's ending of the show, but it's probably only an interesting conspiracy theory.

Update 12/22 3:21 PM EST: Debunked!
As it turns out, the site was a viral marketing ploy for The Chappelle Theory Exposed, a short film by Chappelle’s Show star Charlie Murphy and Neal Brennan, Chappelle’s writing partner. We can’t help feeling disappointed that the Theory wasn’t first scrawled on a wall in crayon by a schizophrenic fan and then carefully transcribed onto a very nicely designed web page, but we can’t say we’re surprised.


British Spy in Sinn Fein 

20 years of treachery. This could be the true test of the peace process.
Denis Donaldson climbed his way from Belfast’s streets to the top of the republican movement. Yet on Friday it was revealed that for the past 20 years he had been passing secrets to London. Liam Clarke tells the story of his double life as a British agent in a dirty war


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Krauthammer Vs. Kinsley 

To torture or not to torture, that is the question.


Friday, December 09, 2005


Foreign Policy takes a deep look into Zarqawi. I still don't know who I really think he is: Muslim extremist terrorist, or leader of the Sunni Civil War against the U.S./Shiites. We both need the mutually convenient myth of him being the terror leader as much as he does.
But, of course, Zarqawi is no longer a mere foot soldier. From New York to London, from Paris to Tokyo, Zarqawi has become the new face of Islamic terror. He has replaced Saddam Hussein as the poster boy of evil in the Arab world. He commands a cadre of Iraqi insurgents that have purportedly carried out many of the barbarous terrorist attacks in that country since the ousting of Saddam. Now with a $25 million bounty on his head, this high school dropout from the slums of Jordan has tied the United States down in its deadliest conflict since the Vietnam War.

But how did myth become reality? Prior to Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. government had never heard the name Zarqawi. The first time U.S. officials learned of his existence was near the end of 2001, from the Kurdish secret service. The U.S. government knew little about the 35-year-old Jordanian, but they had much to gain from the creation of his myth. At the time, Saddam’s regime stood accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction and supporting terrorist outfits. Without hard proof of the former, Saddam’s support of terror was the only trump card the Bush administration had to convince the world that the Iraqi dictator had to go. To play it, the administration needed to demonstrate a link between Saddam and al Qaeda. Their link was Zarqawi.



I think this might be a fire-able offense:
TOKYO - Japan's government rebuked the Tokyo Stock Exchange and one of the country's biggest brokerage firms Friday after a typing error caused Mizuho Securities Co. to lose at least 27 billion yen, or $225 million, on a stock trade.

The glitch roiled the Japanese market, and jitters over the reliability of the exchange's trading system contributing to a 1.95 percent drop in the benchmark Nikkei 225 index Thursday. The index, up 33 percent this year on optimism about the nation's recovery, was trading mostly flat Friday.

Trouble began Thursday morning, when Mizuho Securities tried to sell 610,000 shares at 1 yen (less than a penny) apiece in a job recruiting firm called J-Com Co., which was having its public debut on the exchange.

It had actually intended to sell 1 share at 610,000 yen ($5,041).

Worse still, the number of shares in Mizuho's order was 41 times that J-Com's true outstanding amount, but the Tokyo Stock Exchange processed the order anyway.

Mizuho says it tried to cancel the order three times, but the exchange said it doesn't cancel transactions even if they are executed on erroneous orders.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wrong Guy 

I'd like to hear how the Government explains this one:
Get this now. El-Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, was kidnapped while vacationing by American intelligence agents. He was transported and "questioned" -- allegedly roughly -- by American authorities in Afghanistan. Along the way, these investigators finally figured out he was innocent and reported back to CIA Director George Tenet. Tenet had him held ANYWAY for another two months.

And then. . .you might ask, could it get worse? Well, yes.

We dumped him blind-folded in the deep forest, mountainous triangle area between Albania, Serbia and Macedonia. He had to walk out with no money, no identification


Brooks on Conservatives 

From his new NY Times column titled, "Running out of Steam":
"For a movement that is supposed to be winning the battle of ideas, conservatives are in a mess....

"There are a number of consequences. A lot of the energy that used to go into ideas is now devoted to defending Republican politicians. Many former conservative activists have become Republican lobbyists. (When conservatism was a movement of ideas, it attracted oddballs; now that it's a movement with power, it attracts sleazeballs.)....


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Duke Cunningham 

Another closet case?


Hospitality Suite for Congressman 

I guess they need a "nap" between votes:
Sometimes we read too many political clips and overlook some amazing things staring us in the face. Among those in Monday's edition, this little factoid, culled from Sunday's San Diego Union-Tribune blockbuster digging deeper into the Duke Cunningham's relationship with "co-conspirator No. 1," a.k.a. lobbyist Brent Wilkes.

According to the U-T, Wilkes also "ran a hospitality suite, with several bedrooms, in" DC -- "first in the Watergate Hotel and then" in a Capitol Hill hotel.

Come again? A "hospitality suite with several bedrooms"?

Talk about raising more questions, including:

-- Why does a lobbyist need a "hospitality suite with several bedrooms"?

-- Who uses those bedrooms and for what?

These lobbying scandals involving Cunningham and Wilkes and Abramoff are looking more and more like a bad movie script every day. Except with one difference from the movies: this stuff actually happened.
Things are about to get EVEN MORE interesting.



Bush and Castro now have something in common:

One thing that must be said. Fidel Castro has been uncharacteristically quiet about our use of the facilities at Guantanamo to detain "enemy combatants."


In my view, Castro realizes that America can't exactly criticize him about jailing political prisoners anymore -- as we are doing much the same thing on Cuban soil. I do get the fact that there is a difference between prisoners of conscience in Cuba -- whose civil liberties have been terribly violated by Castro. But detainees held indefinitely without being charged of crimes and not availed of a fair legal process make it practically impossible to morally distinguish between these cases.

America has forfeited the moral highground -- and Castro is enjoying it.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Global Balkans 

Shorter General Odom:

Get out of Iraq!

(But work with Europe, Russia, Japan, and China to stabalize the region)


Western Female Suicide Bomber 

Another first. Or as the Bush Administration would say: "Now there's one less terrorist in Europe. Our mission in Iraq is succeeding."
Police say they believe that a Belgian-born woman and convert to Islam, pictured and identified Thursday in a Belgian newspaper, was the first Western woman to carry out a suicide bombing in Iraq.

A spokesman for the Belgian police's terrorism investigation team confirmed to CNN that Muriel Degauque, identified and pictured by Le Derniere Heure newspaper, was believed to be the suicide bomber who targeted an American patrol on November 9


Bin Laden Dead? 

Today's "Bin Laden's Dead" rumor comes from Sen. Harry Reid (via the WSJ):
Is Senator Harry Reid all that swift when it comes to U.S. Intelligence matters? Last Wednesday, the Minority Leader appeared on KRNV-TV's "Nevada Newsmakers" program and dropped a stunning revelation. He had been informed just that day that Osama bin Laden was killed in the giant Pakistan earthquake last month. "I heard that Osama bin Laden died in the earthquake, and if that's the case, I certainly wouldn't wish anyone harm, but if that's the case, that's good for the world."


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