Monday, December 19, 2005

The Chappelle Theory 

Was he silenced by a "Black Mafia", which featured Oprah, Cosby, Farrakhan, Sharpton? The link is somewhat compelling, due to the weird turn of events regarding Chappelle's ending of the show, but it's probably only an interesting conspiracy theory.

Update 12/22 3:21 PM EST: Debunked!
As it turns out, the site was a viral marketing ploy for The Chappelle Theory Exposed, a short film by Chappelle’s Show star Charlie Murphy and Neal Brennan, Chappelle’s writing partner. We can’t help feeling disappointed that the Theory wasn’t first scrawled on a wall in crayon by a schizophrenic fan and then carefully transcribed onto a very nicely designed web page, but we can’t say we’re surprised.


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