Saturday, April 17, 2004

Hamas Leader Killed 

No doubt you've heard the news Israel assassinated new Hamas leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi by missile strike. It can be debated whether the killing is a good thing or a bad thing for Israel and the "war on terror" as a whole.

Some evidence shows that the recent Israeli assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin has caused Hamas to fight among themselves and other such problems, but this recent assassination may finally cause Hamas and their sympathizers to strike the United States directly. For years, we've heard the anti-American rhetoric from the Palestinians after an Israeli strike, but mostly it's b/c of the Israeli use of U.S. helicopters and other weapons. This time, the timing of the assassination makes the anti-American threats a bit more realistic.

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and President Bush just had a meeting, where Bush basically conceded to Sharon everything that was asked of him. Now, with this assassination merely a few days later, it gives the appearance that Bush may have ok'd it. I think Sharon acts for himself and what he thinks is good for Israel first, but this attack does nothing but make America look bad. Whether Bush gave the "go ahead" or not, I think America will become more of a target because of it. This is one of the times that our friendship with Israel does nothing but hurt us. Did Ariel Sharon plan this attack in hopes of forcing Hamas to attack the U.S., thus, bringing the U.S. into their specific war against Hamas, Hezbollah, etc, I don't know. But, Sharon is a veteran warrior who thinks he knows what's right for his country and he knows that President Bush is staking his presidency on his "war on terror". Are the Gaza Strip and West Bank the next theatre for U.S. troops?

Update: (Monday) Hamas political leader, and the next person to be assasinated by Israel, Khaled Meshaal called for an Arab and Muslim alliance to defeat the United States and Israel.


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