Monday, April 12, 2004

No means No 

Once again, Senator John McCain has said that he is not interested in the opportunity of being John Kerry's Vice President. I hope this finally puts a nail into the coffin of this idea. It was intriguing and I think a Kerry/McCain ticket would have been a lock to win, but McCain still is a Republican!

I'm tired of hearing people say it'll "restore bipartisanship" to Washington. That itself is false. The minute McCain joins the ticket, the GOP will turn its back on him, whether McCain keeps the "R" next to his name or not. John McCain is a good man and Senator. He can be a hardcore conservative at times, and other times seem liberal. Most importantly, he is willing to see an issue without the partisan views most elected officials take.

What if Kerry would become ill (he already has had prostate cancer), would Democrats be comfortable with a VP who has conservative views on abortion, trade and national security? Or could appoint conservative judges to the Appeals Court or Supreme Court? No way. On the surface the Kerry/McCain tandem seems nice, but when you look closely, it's just doesn't work.


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