Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Wes Clark on Kerry 

I think Clark is campaigning for the VP slot. I hope so.
"Yet the Republican attack machine follows a pattern we've seen before, whether the target is Senator John McCain in South Carolina in 2000 or Senator Max Cleland in Georgia in 2002. The latest manifestation of these tactics is the controversy over Mr. Kerry's medals."

With Kerry's recent attacks on Cheney and Rove's lack of military service, it may be hard for Kerry to select a VP with no service him/herself, like John Edwards.

Kerry probably should be more straightforward with the issue of whether he threw away the medal or ribbon. I thought I've long heard him say that he only threw the ribbons away, keeping the medals. End of story. Personally, I can care less, it's a bogus issue, similar to Bush's attacks on McCain in 2000-no substance from a campaign that wants to keep the talk away from the real issues.


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