Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Airport Parking Lot National Guard 

Thanks to a few well armed citizens, people will soon be able to carry guns and other dangerous weapons on the grounds and parking lots of Reagan National and Dulles International airports.

Without debate, the board of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority unanimously agreed to permit passengers and other airport visitors to carry guns, knives and other weapons as long as they keep them out of terminals and other buildings that access airfields. Passengers who are taking guns with them on flights still will be allowed to carry them into the terminal but are supposed to make arrangements with airlines in advance, officials said.

The action comes after pressure from an increasingly high-profile Virginia gun rights group whose members have taken to wearing firearms on their hips in public places to make their case

Thank god, now if one of those Arab terrorist bastards tries to come to America, we'll have a well-armed militia roaming the airport parking lots to capture or kill them.

(sarcasm folks)


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