Wednesday, October 13, 2004


In today's The Hill, there's an interview with University of Wisconsin Chancellor John D. Wiley, where he makes the following statement:

Q:Is your university a Kerry bastion?

Wiley: There's no good way to know, but I think the general perception is 2/3 to ¾ Democrat. But we have a fairly strong Republican club on campus, that might disagree. One thing I'd point out is that students in general are probably not getting included in Kerry-Bush polls because they have cell phones. So I think we might be in for a surprise, a Truman-Dewey headline, because people who haven't voted before and have been inaccessible to the pollsters may show up.

That's an interesting point Wiley brings up-cell phone users don't get polling phone calls. This day in age, so many people use cell phones exclusively (I do), and because of it, their voting opinions aren't recorded. Wiley also mentions the Truman-Dewey race. In that race, Dewey was ahead in the polls for most of the campaign, and when he lost, people were stunned. I've heard theories that some people thought they'd vote for Dewey up until it was time to pull the lever, then they realized what they were doing, and went with Truman. I think we will see a lot of that this year, Bush voters who change their minds at the last minute.

Chancellor Wiley also said on his campus there are 4,000 new voters. That's a lot. Take a look around the country at how many new voters there, and we just may have a President Kerry.


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