Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Voting Catholics 

This drives me nuts. The whole GOP Catholic outreach (which a friend of mine runs) is ridiculous. I saw a group, claiming to be nonpartisan, encouraging voters to remember to vote for the candidate who is Pro-Life (Is someone who supports the Death Penalty and War, "Pro-Life"?), obviously meaning Flightsuit Boy. In what could be the most important election we've ever had, how can anyone vote for someone strictly on the abortion issue? For god sakes, there's a war on that is going rather badly now, and some people are more concerned over who is Pro Life/Pro Choice?

And the idiot lawyer who is trying to excommunicate Kerry for being Pro Choice, he seems to have forgotten some Pro Choice Republicans to put on that list, Schwarzenegger, Giuliani, Pataki, etc.. Instead, he puts Senator Olympia Snowe(R-MA) to pretend that the list is nonpartisan.

I'm a Catholic voter and voting for Kerry. Please god, get rid of Bush, so the rest of the hypocrits will start going after each other.


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