Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ex-Staffers Gone Wild 

Another reason why DeLay must go. His former staffers learned from the "best".
Campbell, who is retiring from Congress and presided over his last hearing yesterday, told Scanlon that he and Abramoff were part of "the shameful legacy" of exploitation of Indian tribes that stretches back 400 years. "You're the problem, buddy, in what happened to American Indians," said Campbell, as he banged down his gavel to close the session.

Scanlon rose from the witness table and turned to face a man who pressed through the crowd to hand him a document. It was Texas lawyer Joe Kendall, serving him with a lawsuit filed Tuesday by the Louisiana Coushatta tribe that also named Abramoff and Greenberg Traurig as defendants.

Abbe Lowell, Abramoff's attorney, said in a statement about that suit that his client "provided great results for the fees that were paid" by the Coushattas and looked forward to proving it in court


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