Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Keep Fighting 

Barring nothing short of a provisional ballot miracle (which I don't believe will happen), it appears George W. Bush will remain our President for the next 4 years. Yes, that's hard to swallow right now, but we have to deal with it, but continue the fight. It'd be easy to thrown in the towel and say "it doesn't matter anymore", and lose interest, but that would be defeatist, and guarantee that the GOP stays in power even longer. The reason they win now is because they constantly suffered defeat, knew what it was like to lose, but never gave up. We need to do that now.

Understandably, we'll need a few days to fully realize what happened on 11/2, but we can't lose all hope. I have never seen so much excitement and energy regarding an Election, it practically brought me to tears (But because of my being a manly-man, I didn't cry). We need to keep that feeling. If it was your first time voting, stay involved, if you hosted meet & greets for candidates, don't be shy about doing it in the future, keep making the extra phone call that might make a difference. Just keep doing something.


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