Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Aviator 

I saw Scorsese's Howard Hughes Biopic "The Aviator" yesterday, and think it was brilliant. I see multiple Academy Awards in Scorsese's future, and wouldn't be surprise if Leo gets nominated, and also Alan Alda, who plays and important supporting role as Maine Senator Ralph Owen Brewster, and the always great Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn. Going in, I knew very little of Howard Hughes brilliance, and had heard of his descent into madness. Coming out, I learned Hughes was indeed nuts, but had quite a vision, and put his ideas and dreams to work (with the help of an inheritance). The film is just under 3 hours long, but for the most part, travels as fast as Hughes's planes. I highly recommend "The Aviator", but I imagine I'm not alone.


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