Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Midnight Mass 

I attended Midnight Mass on Christmas, and got more than beautiful Christmas music, and a well decorated church. During the homily, the priest praised our men and women serving over in Iraq, for helping to bring freedom to the Iraqis (I agree with the praise). Then, he proceeded to slur our troops' service by using the tired Bush line of the "Terrorists are attacking us because of our freedoms". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The terrorists can give a rats ass whether or not we are free too chose was banks to use, what movies to go to, or what car to buy, because they hate us for our policies!! They don't like our support for Israel, how we talk about hating dictatorships, but support Pakistan's Dictator (and Egypt's, Libya's, Saudi Arabia's, etc) , our use of sanctions in Iraq, etc.

I shouldn't have been too surprised by the priest's Bush rhetoric because, before the election, the same priest was reminding voters to vote "Pro-Life", but did not name the candidate(Bush obviously). I guess we know what side he's on.


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