Thursday, December 23, 2004

"We have a head scarf stuck in lane 10" 

News I never thought I'd read:

NEW YORK - Late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat invested $1.3 million in a company that owns a popular bowling alley in Greenwich Village, newly released documents show.

Arafat made the investment in New York City-based Strike Holdings, owner of Bowlmor Lanes, through a holding company he created called Onyx Funds, Bloomberg Markets Magazine reported Wednesday.

Bowlmor is located several blocks from the campus of New York University and is popular with Manhattan hipsters, who pay about $8 a game per person to play on evenings and weekends.

For some reason, I have a hard time picturing Arafat and his PLO buddies hanging out at the local bowling alley, planning on destroying Israel, wearing those funny shoes.

Nixon on the other hand...


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