Tuesday, January 25, 2005

CNN rumor 

Inside sources tell me that new CNN President Jonathan Kline, is planning a new program with National Security issues as its theme. Kline wants the show to have an "edgier" feel than past CNN programs, in hopes to bring back viewers that left CNN for Fox News and MSNBC..well, nobody left for MSNBC. The new show will be more "reporter based" than normal, with reporters calling in from hotspots around the world, as opposed to the usual Aaron Brown-type sitting behind a desk. The set will be designed to look like the Oval Office, offices in the CIA building and the Pentagon.

I like the idea of a National Security driven show, especially, since CNN is getting rid of the Crossfire type shows. But, a National Security show, in my mind, seems a better fit in a two hour time slot on a Saturday morning or afternoon, as opposed to an hour-a-day five-days-a-week. There always seems to be something to report on regarding National Security/Foreign Affairs, but what if there's not? Will the reporters call in to say "there's nothing happening in Libya today"? Or, will they just make shit up like the real CIA?


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