Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No Rice for Bayh 

From Blogging for Bayh:
"'Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana says he also will oppose Ms. Rice's nomination because, as he put it, he cannot support the promotion of someone who promises only more of the same failed policy in Iraq.

'Those in charge must be held accountable for mistakes. We must learn from them, correct them so that we may succeed in Iraq. Mr. (Senate) President, if the President of the United States will not do this, then those in the Senate must,' he said."

From the NYTimes

Senator Bayh said that it was not often that he opposed his friend and fellow Hoosier, Senator Lugar, but that he felt he would have to vote against Ms. Rice. Mr. Bayh said she was partly responsible for failures in Iraq, some of them caused by inadequate troop strength. "Those in charge must be held accountable," Mr. Bayh said."

Some good Presidential maneuvering there... (nod to Josh Marshall)


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