Friday, February 25, 2005

Derek Jeter Center 

Yankee revenge:
The FleetCenter will be re-named the Derek Jeter Center on Tuesday according to the BOSTON HERALD.

Big Apple attorney Kerry Conrad shelled out $2,325 on eBay for the one-day naming rights to sock it to his Sox-lovin' buds in Boston.
But the crew on Causeway Street think they may have to invoke their right to refuse the name.

``I told him that in this town, that name may not be as bad as A-Rod, but it's still considered obscene,'' said arena spokesguy Jim Delaney. ``But he told me, `It's not like I picked the Aaron Boone Center or the Bucky Dent Center.' ''

Ooooh, whatta shiv in the back!

As you're all too aware, the FleetCenter, which is seriously in the market for a moniker ever since Bank of America withdrew its claim on the name, is auctioning off one-day naming rights for charity. March 2-6 are still up for grabs.


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