Friday, February 18, 2005

A La Carte Catholics 

You've heard of "Soccer Moms" and "Nascar Dads", but get ready for America's new voting bloc catch phrase: "A La Carte Catholics". Description(courtesy of a Dem polling firm)

Catholics, particularly younger ones, raised as Catholics, but only devout in the ways that they feel best fit their lives. Going to church only occasionally or when with family, but also voting for democrats who are not Catholics. Having pre-marital sex, taking birth control, but still getting married in a catholic church. Thinking the pope is divine, but not necessarily listening to him. Believing life begins at conception, but for legal abortion. Not having a problem with homosexuals. Taking communion despite their disagreement with various aspects of the church and the Vatican.

KEY to this group is that although they do not behave politically as a catholic "should" or have a "catholic lifestyle" they still ADAMANTLY identify themselves as Catholics.

also important, many clergy don't fight this, they rather ignore it and take what they can get.

That description sounds like pretty much like every Catholic I know.


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