Monday, April 25, 2005

Campaign of the (not too distant) Future 

Interesting piece in today's LA Times, on how the internet MAY make it easier for a 3rd party candidate win a Presidential election:
Ex-Dean camp manager Joe Trippi predicts that the internet could ignite a serious 3rd-party presidential bid in '08. Trippi: "This is a very disruptive technology. And it is going to be very destabilizing to the political establishment of both parties...Somebody could come along and raise $200 million and have 600,000 people on the streets working for them without any party structure in the blink of an eye."
The Internet "could allow an independent candidate to more easily identify an audience and financial base, just as it has allowed blogs" to find a community of like-minded readers. Trippi on the electorate: "We are now moving toward a very dangerous place for both parties. It is becoming much more possible for an independent or third party to emerge because they are leaving so much space in the middle"

I don't think we're quite at the $200mil/600K volunteer mark, but an internet campaign might be an interesting campaign for McCain, or perhaps more of a long-shot-celebrity-type like Warren Beatty, to try.


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