Tuesday, April 12, 2005


PM: Atmosphere in Israel looks like eve of civil war.

In an interview with NBC News on Monday, Sharon spoke of the growing threat of violence by extreme-right Jewish activists in Israel ahead of the disengagementplan. "The tension here [in Israel], the atmosphere here looks like the eve of the civil war," Sharon said. He also said that although he had been defending Jews all his life, steps are now taken to protect his own life from attacks by Jews.

Sharon also spoke of prospects of the renewal of the peace process with the Palestinians.

"Yasser Arafat, first was a military man, and during his rule there was no chance whatsoever to reach peace," Sharon said. "I believe [that] at the current time, maybe for the first time, there is a possibility to try and solve the problem

Remember, it was a right-wing Jew, not a Palestinian, that assasinated Yitzhak Rabin

And Laura Rozen is right, why is the American press so quiet about this? Afraid to spoil the "good" news coming from the Middle East (Syria pulling out of Labanon/Iraq elections/Egyptian protests)?


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