Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sinnfein and the IRA 

Gerry Adams' letter to the IRA, asking them to accept politics, rather than the gun. (Side Note: Will there be a copy in Adams's mailbox?):
The Ireland we live in today is also very different place from 15 years ago. There is now an all-Ireland agenda with huge potential.

Nationalists and republicans have a confidence that will never again allow anyone to be treated as second class citizens. Equality is our watchword.

The catalyst for much of this change is the growing support for republicanism.

Of course, those who oppose change are not going to simply roll over. It will always be a battle a day between those who want maximum change and those who want to maintain the status quo. But if republicans are to prevail, if the peace process is to be successfully concluded and Irish sovereignty and re-unification secured, then we have to set the agenda - no one else is going to do that.

So, I also want to make a personal appeal to all of you - the women and men volunteers who have remained undefeated in the face of tremendous odds.

Now is the time for you to step into the Bearna Baoil again; not as volunteers risking life and limb but as activists in a national movement towards independence and unity.

Update (4/7 11:28am): The IRA responds:
"The leadership of the IRA was given notice of the appeal by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams. We have noted his comments.

"The IRA will give his appeal due consideration and will respond in due course."


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