Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Canadians are Nice 

If this guy was brown-skinned, would he have been allowed in?
A man carrying a home-made sword and what looked like a blood-stained chainsaw was allowed into the US from Canada, the Associated Press reports.

The news agency says Gregory Despres' weapons were confiscated, before US custom officials in Calais, Maine, let him cross the border on 25 April

<----Doesn't look like a "Terrorist".

By the way:
The next day he became a murder suspect after bodies of his two neighbours were found in his hometown in Canada.

Mr Despres, 22, was arrested on 27 April and is now awaiting extradition.

The decapitated body of Frederick Fulton was found on the kitchen floor in his house. The man's head was under a kitchen table


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