Monday, June 06, 2005

What's Happening in Syria? Part 2 

Is Bashar trying to be the new Spokesman of the Middle East?
DAMASCUS, Syria (CNN) -- Syrian President Bashar Assad has said the media and technological revolution sweeping the region and the world is helping his country's foes to undermine and crush the Arab identity.

Assad told the congress of Syria's ruling Baath Party on Monday that a media influx had left Arabs "swamped by disinformation" about themselves.

"These many inputs, especially with the evolution of communication and information technology, made the society open, and this opened the door for some confusion and suspicion in the minds of Arab youth.

"The ultimate objective of all this is the destruction of Arab identity; for the enemies of the Arab nation are opposed to our possessing any identity or upholding any creed that could protect our existence and cohesion, guide our vision and direction, or on which we can rely in our steadfastness," Assad said Monday.
Rumors of a Syrian Baath party purge, could mean a slight turn towards the Islamists in Syria. Is that Assad's way of asking for their help, in a fight against the U.S.? The "fight" may not be a military one, but a struggle to keep himself in power. After the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein tried to play the Islam card. We know how things worked out for him.


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