Wednesday, July 13, 2005


just can't fathom that their hero was the leaker:
Yesterday, I heard that the rumor being spread in GOP circles on the Hill was that the leaker of Plame's name to Judy Miller was Joe Wilson himself, in an attempt to create the impression that the administration was trying to destroy him -- a kind of double super-secret double cross.

Unfortunately for that rumor, it didn't make a bit of sense. So to develop Version 2.0 of this theory, they decided to go open source: You can see the alpha design over at Redstate.org (still the best conservative blog, because at least they have comments). After you sort through a bunch of "six-sigma" management consulting mumbo jumbo that probably came from Matthew Freedman, the theory goes something like this:

First, since the New York Times is liberal, and also called for a special prosecutor on the Plame case, it doesn't make sense that they would be defending Miller's refusal to testify if Miller were protecting Rove or another White House official, so perhaps she's protecting a Democrat. Second, Wilson made several media appearances the week of his New York Times op-ed, as the redstate writer notes, "things like that usually happen because someone is out there 'pitching the story' to the media. In this case, that person is most likely a very partisan Democrat." Fiollowing on these premises, "Can it be that the person [Miller] talked to wasn't an 'Administration Official' at all, but a Democratic political operative setting up a 'media hit' on Bush?"

I love the old "Can it be...?" method of empirical inquiry. Especially when the answer is, "Ummmm, No."

The writer, who goes by the name "Nick Danger," doesn't name the Democratic operative, but several of the commentors suggest James Carville or Paul Begala as the culprits

I can't wait to hear some more theories. I'm sure we'll be hearing one soon about Bill and/or Hillary Clinton masterminding this whole thing.


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