Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Night of the Living Dead Nation" 

The Cunning Realist on the moral absurdity behind the so called "flypaper" theory.
Is anyone actually going to think about the absurdity of the "flypaper" mantra after today, or are people going to accept it as mindlessly as it will no doubt continue to be spoken? It is heartening to see right-of-center clear thinkers like Greg Djerejian dissect and reject it based on pragmatism in this piece. But has anyone thought about why we're justified in using another nation as flypaper in the first place, even if it was a viable, effective strategy? What gives us the right to use a sovereign nation as a catch basin for carnage so we can go on blissfully consuming and merrily flipping real estate here? Instead of flypaper, this should be called the "Night of the Living Dead Nation" strategy---using the undead, zombie-like carcass of a failed state for our own benefit. Beyond the sheer selfish immorality of it, has anyone thought about the potential for blowback? How would you feel if we were invaded by the Chinese on a false pretense, and they stated openly that their strategy was to attract and fight the scum of the earth in the streets of New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago so they did not have to fight in Beijing?

Whoa. I'm amazed that nobody, to my knowledge, has brought up this point before. We may be more screwed than I thought we were.


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