Wednesday, August 10, 2005


What a f'n joke:
There are reports this afternoon that wide receiver Terrell Owens exchanged words with Head Coach Andy Reid at a team meeting and was asked to leave.

Owens then got his belongings and cleared out of Eagles training camp at Lehigh University, according to one television report.

The Inquirer will update and confirm this information as soon as possible.
Who does he think he is? He picked the wrong city to act like a spoiled brat. At this point, he will not be getting paid, so I'll expect him to be back. Don't forget who the Eagles play their first 3 games:

Game 1-Atlanta Falcons-T.O's adopted hometown.
Game 2-San Francisco 49ers-T.O's former team
Game 3-Oakland Raiders-Randy Moss.

He won't want to miss those games.


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