Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feel Good Friday 

With all things seemingly going bad, here's some GREAT news from Iraq. Roy Hallums, the American citizen held in Iraq for more than 300 days, has been rescued.
When former hostage Roy Hallums called his daughter early Wednesday from Iraq with news of his rescue, he apologized for causing her so much grief and pain.

After gunmen abducted Hallums last November, his family worked tirelessly for his safe release. They lobbied world leaders, held candlelight vigils, established a Web site, even offered a $40,000 reward.

"He apologized to me for putting me through any hardship," his eldest daughter, Carrie Anne Cooper, 29, said in a telephone interview. "He got to say he was sorry, and I got to say I loved him. We got to say things we never thought we would be able to say"

Props to Rittenhouse Review for being one of the few (that I know of)
outlets keeping tabs on the Hallums situation. I'd like to echo RR's sentiment on how nobody in the MSM and Government seemed to have any concern about an American citizen being held captive for 300+ days..

Anyhow, welcome back Roy!


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