Friday, September 23, 2005


Celebrates 100 Years. From Gerry Adams's speech to party members:
The IRA initiative in July to formally end its armed campaign has changed the political context utterly. Our enemies can no longer use the IRA as an excuse for intransigence, and a refusal to engage with the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement.

I believe the delivery by the IRA of commitments made in that statement will dramatically change the political conditions on this island, but especially here in the north.

It will present Irish republicans and nationalists with an unparalleled opportunity to make even greater political advances, and to make Irish freedom a reality.

For republicans, nationalists, socialists, trade unionists and all strands of progressive opinion in Ireland this means grasping the opportunity which now exists to take ownership of the peace process, to push ahead with its progressive agenda and to take on the task of shaping the future direction of this island for the decades ahead. Central to that effort has to be nation building - planning in a very strategic way the steps towards Irish unity. Part of this has to be about eliminating sectarianism and racism from our society.

And for Sinn Féin that means opening up the party to a wider membership and participation, particularly to women and young people who will bring their own life experiences and values, and it means setting new goals for the growth and development of the party in this area.

The potential for significant growth throughout the island is substantial. Why can't we have a Sinn Féin cumann in every townland or parish?

The fact is that republicans are now in a new area of struggle.

We have moved from a culture of resistance into a culture of change and through this to building political strength so that we can democratically take political power and exercise it in pursuance of our goals.

It is through building political strength across Ireland that we can advance our goals...

However, others say the posted text of the speech didn't contain this:
"This is something that in many, many ways is a potentially huge sea change, not just for us, for the people of the North, but for the entire island. I think it has changed the political context utterly. I don't think republicans have absorbed what it is about. I don't think the media have absorbed what it is about, I don't think our enemies have absorbed what it is about."[emphasis added]
Adams/Sinnfein/IRA allegedly have a history of making speeches that differ from thofficiallyly released script of the speech. This case is no different. I'd like to hear an elaboration of what Adams means by republicans/media/enemies not understanding what "it is about".


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