Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Vatican Closet 

Steve Clemons's blog, The Washington Note, isn't usually the place to pick up the latest gossip, except for this tidbit posted several days ago:
I visited the Vatican in early August and met a person who is deeply "embedded" in the world of those who run Vatican City and who govern the global machinery of the Catholic Church.

According to this person's estimation, he guesses that a "conservative estimate" of those cardinals and senior church officials who are gay is about 50%. Practicing, as opposed to just flirtatious, homosexuals at the highest levels of the church are probably about 30%.

When I asked whether homosexuals would be better served under Pope Benedict XVI than under John Paul II, he responded, "Don't think that we will be any better served under a gay pope than a straight one."
Now who will call out these Cardinals on their hypocrisy? I think Dreier will be officially outed sooner.


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