Friday, October 14, 2005

Fake Al Qaeda Letter? 

I have no problem with the CIA (or another Intelligence Agency) using Psy-Ops to help win a war, but if the Psy-Ops are used against the American people, I have a problem. In this case, the intercepted "Al Qaeda" letter talks about how the US may leave Iraq the same way it left Vietnam, and what Al Qaeda should do from there. Is Zawahiri on the White House payroll? As much as I despise Al Qaeda, PR is something they take too seriously, to play into Bush's hands. If it is a fake, perhaps our Government should have planned the aftermath of the invasion with better detail than this letter.
Ken Katzman, a terrorism expert with the Congressional Research Service -- the in-house think-tank of the U.S. Congress -- said the letter contained elements that raised doubts about its authenticity.

"The purported letter has Zawahri admitting to certain things that it's not realistic for him to admit, because he would know there's a potential this letter might be intercepted," Katzman said.

He said they included a request for money from Zarqawi, an admission that Pakistan's army is hunting for al Qaeda and how the arrest of a top operative affected the network.

I always hoped some of those Bin Laden videos were CIA black-ops designed to mess with Al Qaeda, but apparently, messing with the
average American is more important.


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