Thursday, October 13, 2005


Check out this Washington Monthly piece on one of DeLay's new Congressional henchmen, and his lies..I mean rise, to power.

Interesting note: the article mentions McHenry dating Karl Rove's Executive Assistant:
Soon after moving to Congress, McHenry hired Grover Norquist's press secretary as his own. More recently, he's been dating Karl Rove's executive assistant.
Would that be Abramoff scandal star, Susan Ralston?
In all the Abramoff business I'm surprised there has not been more mention of Susan Ralston. In Jack Abramoff's heyday at Preston Gates and then later at Greenberg-Traurig, Ralston was Abramoff's executive assistant, the one who helped dole out the skyboxes, basically administratively ran his whole shop as near as I can figure.

Then when Karl Rove came to town, she took pretty much the same job with him, becoming his gatekeeper at the White House. She was of course one of many Team Abramoff players who got seconded into the administration. Given the close relationship between Abramoff and Grover Norquist, it's probably not surprising that she also had an arrangement with Norquist in which he gave her direction on who to let through to Rove.
Funny how the same names seem to appear in every article/report/investigation of Washington conservatives.


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