Monday, March 20, 2006

Northern Ireland/St. Pat's 

This is rediculous. I guess Bush didn't want to pick up the phone to speed things along. I understand why there's a "no fly" list, but someone who just left the WHITE HOUSE shouldn't have to take a train b/c of political revenge. What does that say about our train security, if Adams can easily get on a train, but not a plane?

In addition, on Friday, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I attended a press confernce at the National Press Club, on the Northern Ireland Policing Board. It was somewhat interesting, even though I had to sit through a speech from the son of this guy. I have to admit, Junior, came across as quite charming and likeable, and seemingly not the flame-thrower (probably literally) his father is. There wasn't a whole lot of interesting tidbits from this presser, just a few comments (from a Protestant and Catholic) about how they shouldn't come to this country for this anymore, since we have our own policing problems, anyway.


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