Friday, April 28, 2006


This is going to get very interesting.
More details this morning about the Brent Wilkes-Mitch Wade hooker ring, courtesy of the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Several of Wilkes' former employees and business associates say he used the hospitality suites over the past 15 years to curry favor with lawmakers as well as officials with the CIA, where both Wilkes and Wade sought contracts.

Wilkes hosted parties for lawmakers and periodic poker games that included CIA officials as well as members of the House Appropriations and Intelligence committees. Cunningham, who sat on both committees, was a frequent guest, according to some of the participants in the poker games.

And I'll be darned: Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, now the executive director of the CIA, liked to come to those "parties." The same ones now-CIA Director Porter Goss may have attended:

Now, if one of the hookers turned up dead, we'd have a Tom Clancy novel. IF CIA Director Porter Goss was at any of the parties, it is obviously a major bombshell. It would show that once again, the FBI background check were a complete failure. I would think that someone nominated to a post such as CIA Director, if he passed gas in the wrong direction, the FBI would know. Hookers at a poker party is an easy way to get blackmailed.


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