Sunday, August 06, 2006


Great quote in bold:
Col. Pat Lang (US Army, Ret.) has one of the most interesting national security/military policy blogs around. It's tough-minded and unsentimental.

This morning, he sent some of his friends a roster of four issues and questions to consider when debating the so-called US-French agreement on and Israel-Hezbollah ceasefire.

They were:

1. France and the United States are not at war with each other. They cannot agree to end the fighting.

2. Hizbullah thinks it is winning both tactically and strategically. Why will it agree to anything other than a cease-fire in place?

3. Such a cease-fire will be a victory for Hizbullah.

4. Who will disarm Hizbullah if it accepts such a cease-fire?

These are good questions -- but the first resonates with me most. It's not clear that the US and France are willing to use their leverage to wrestle the warring parties down.
News organizations kept repeating "US and France agree to a peace deal" regarding the Isareal-Hezbollah situation. The only deal that would matter is an Israeli and Hezbollah a peace deal.


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