Thursday, August 24, 2006


Lieberman is now officially endangering Democratic chances of taking over the House:
Joseph Lieberman, who is seeking to return to the US Senate as an independent after losing his bid for re-nomination by the Democratic Party in Connecticut, will campaign today with two Republicans for office in the state, RAW STORY has learned.

A message was posted last night at the blog of Democratic challenger Ned Lamont, who bested Lieberman in the August 8 Democratic primary, indicating that Lieberman would campaign today with Republican Governor Jodi Rell and Republican Congressman Rob Simmons, both of whom are up for re-election. Jane Hamsher at the blog Fire Dog Lake added that the campaign event would occur at a submarine base in the city of Groton.

Coverage by the Associated Press refers to the event as a "strategy session" to keep the base off the list of military facilities facing closure.

Republican Congressman Rob Simmons's seat is seen to be up for grabs, as recent polls show that approval of President Bush in his district is very low. Democrats have worked to tar him as a cheerleader for the president. He is challenged in the state's second district by Joe Courtney, a former state legislator who is currently a private practice attorney.

Additionally, a recent poll by Qunnipiac shows that Connecticut's Governor Rell has a high approval rating, and that only 28% of voters said they would pick her challenger John DeStefano to be governor.
He might say he'll caucus with the Democrats if he's re-elected, but the way he'll stab them in the back is to take the Sec. of Defense position, and allow the GOP Conn. Governor to appoint his Senate successor...a Republican.


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