Monday, March 23, 2009

Spitzer Recovery Program 

I think i'm ready for Eliot Spitzer's second act:
Actually, there was one guy who took on the financial firms at the height of their prestige and power when the country, the media and Washington were gushing with admiration.

That man was Eliot Spitzer.

And he is my guest today, for his first interview since resigning as governor of New York.

You remember him as the governor of New York who resigned after a scandal involving prostitution. But think back before then. He was the attorney general of New York who went after Merrill Lynch, prosecuted AIG and several other institutions for practices he argued were corrupt, fraudulent and illegal. Those prosecutions were deeply controversial, and Spitzer made most of Wall Street his enemy.
Yes, he made a BIG mistake, but with the current economic crisis, I want smart people trying to solve it. And with all the openings at Treasury, there's gotta be a spot for him. Call it the Spitzer Recovery Program.


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